Join us November 18 & 19, 2017, Palm Springs, California

  • 2017 FLEXPO

    The Ferrigno Legacy is totally HULKING OUT! The massive FLEXPO is a 100k square foot fitness and entertainment extravaganza! We are taking everything you love about fit expos and making in better. Zoom into our neighborhoods where it makes it easy for you to follow your interest. Visit Fitness Fashion, Extreme Fitness, Anti-Aging, Food for Fitness, Fitness Technology and Bodybuilding. immerse yourself in seminars, samples and interactive activities and contests.
    Check out multiple sports such as IFBB and NPC bodybuilding pre-judging, powerlifting, strongman, arm wrestling, pole fitness and more. IFBB and NPC Finals will be at Agua Caliente as always!

    When you participate, you will get promotional codes that will save you hundreds of dollars on supplements. You'll actually MAKE money by attending!

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  • 2016 Ferrigno Legacy Score Sheets & Results

    California's newest and most prestigious IFBB OLYMPIA and NPC NATIONAL QUALIFIER contest & Fitness Weekend brought to you by the original Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. Located at award winning Agua Caliente Resort, the FITNESS WEEKEND includes IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Bikini, Women's and Classic Physique. Plus USAPL Powerlifting Regionals and Open, fitness company demos, seminars Celebrity Red Carpet, Coffee with Lou, and the Sunday night World Gym Halloween After Party!

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    NPC Results
  • A Bodybuilding Vacation

    Competing or watching, Bodybuilding is always fun. But it's even better in the vacation destination of Palm Springs! You'll enjoy the epic show, expo and entertainment the Ferrigno Legacy offers as well as a vast collection of fashion boutiques, consignment dealers, art galleries, antiques shops, bars and endless dining choices. Also explore the Indian Canyon Oasis or take the Tram to another world! Still not enough? Visit a spa, play around of golf or lounge in the sun by the pool!

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It started as a blip on the radar. Many in the know jumped on board on day one, confident that an event promoted by Lou Ferrigno would undoubtedly become one of the top IFBB shows in the world. Some took the “wait and see” approach and are now scrambling to become part of the event they cannot seem to avoid as it floods their newsfeed and forums.

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The Ferrigno Legacy is promoted by Lou Ferrigno, Chris Minnes and Lou Ferrigno Jr. with the help of the entire family!

Lou Ferrigno and the family connected with Chris Minnes after learning of the success and first class production of Minnes' NPC-IFBB Tahoe Show. It was imperative to Lou Ferrigno that his show met the high standards he hold for himself and his legacy, in seeing Minnes' track record, he knew it would be a perfect Ferrigno fit. The Ferrigno Legacy is part of the Tahoe Show and NPC West Coast group of shows.

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