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Brought to you by Carr Cellular Fitness, Lou Ferrigno’s, Ferrigno Legacy was the BIGGEST Fitness event in California, boasting 166 IFBB Pros and 391 NPC Athletes. The IFBB line up consisted of some of the best pros in the world, solidifying the Ferrigno Legacy as one of the most important shows in the IFBB Calendar. It was a spectacular weekend and we look forward to doing it all again in 2018!

The FLEXPO is our massive 130,000 square foot, 250 booths, multi-sport expansion into the impressive Palm Springs Convention Center. Sports competitions include IFBB & NPC Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Powerlifting, Pole Fitness, and Slackline. Meet your favorite celebrities, take in Seminars and group fitness classes from TOP Olympian’s Like Oksana Grishina and Danny Hester.

It will be zoned into neighborhoods including, Fitness Fashion, Fitness Technology, Food for Fitness, Anti-Aging, Bodybuilding and Extreme Fitness.

The expo will be PACKED with vendors, sports, seminars, and celebrities. The only thing that could make it better is the vacation destination of Palm Springs! You’ll enjoy the epic show, expo and entertainment the Ferrigno Legacy offers as well as a vast collection of fashion boutiques, consignment dealers, art galleries, antique shops, bars and endless dining choices. Also, explore the Indian Canyon Oasis or take the Tram to another world! Still not enough? Visit a spa, play around of golf or lounge in the sun by the pool!

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The Ferrigno Legacy is promoted by Lou Ferrigno, Chris Minnes and Lou Ferrigno Jr. with the help of the entire family!

Lou Ferrigno and the family connected with Chris Minnes after learning of the success and first class production of Minnes’ NPC-IFBB Tahoe Show. It was imperative to Lou Ferrigno that his show met the high standards he holds for himself and his legacy, in seeing Minnes’ track record, he knew it would be a perfect Ferrigno fit. The Ferrigno Legacy is part of the Tahoe Show and NPC West Coast group of shows.

The Ferrigno Legacy is now among the largest of all IFBB Professional competitions in the world. Over 150 IFBB Professional Athletes¬†from 20 different countries will be on stage on November 18. Many of these athletes are the top of the top including Arnold Classic Champion Cedric McMillan, the first ever men’s physique Mr. Olympia, Mark Anthony. You will see many more TOP Olympia athletes like Jose Raymond, Brandon Curry, George Brown and Katya Nosova. Plus Ferrigno Legacy returning Champions¬†EJ Nduka, Mellisa Pearo and James Hurst will be back to defend their titles! IFBB Pro divisions include Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Bikini, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique and Women’s Physique.