Slacklining is making its debut at The Ferrigno Legacy Expo this November.

A slackline competition is an excitement filled, head to head battle of amazing tricks and jaw-dropping athleticism. Each athlete receives two minutes on the clock, much like a chess match. When an athlete steps on the line his or her clock starts and only stops when they fall off or step off, then their competitor’s clock starts. The winner moves on to the next round, the loser goes home.

Luke Diestel, former National Champion and current slackline star of Royal Caribbean’s show at sea, will be there to compete in the competition.

The 18-year old defending ASP champion, Dylon Lousberg from Holyoke, Colorado, along with The California Kid himself and Slack Slam champion from Los Angeles, Zephania Gonzales will both return for a matchup of Slackline Champions.

Get more information on the ASP SLACKLINE Facebook Event Page

A slackline star-studded field from around the country will battle it out for National Championship bragging rights!

TRY SLACKLINE. Visit Slackline located in the FLEXPO at the Edge of Extreme Fitness and Bodybuilding and try it out for yourself!

WATCH THE PRO COMPETITION. Visit Slackline at the FLEXPO on Saturday at 11:00 AM and Sunday at 1:00 PM to see the pros battling on the line!

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